Name Fukase
Japanese 深瀬
Birthday Unknown
Age 30+
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Black
Class 3rd Year
Other Information
Manga Debut Chapter 16
Anime Debut Episode 8
Japanese voice Mitsuo Iwata



Fukase is shown to be cold, calculating and manipulative as he had Morita, Acchan and Yasuda turn against Sakamoto when they were depressed by his achievements. While he has failed his classes and skipped school, he is shown to be very intelligent and enjoys playing games with people, especially with students who are likable and have potential for a bright future.


A third-year that even the delinquents fear as Fukase has destroyed the reputations and lives of other students before, as well as get them to turn against other people and use them. His favorite targets however are students who are liked by everyone and who have potential, like Sakamoto as he tried to ruin his reputation by framing him for sabotaging the school cultural festival and telling Acchan that if he couldn't be at Sakamoto's level, he should destroy him.

He has failed his classes and was unable to graduate, but he does it on purpose as he believes that once the students leave high school, the dreams and hopes people have for their futures would be crushed, like swimming in a black sea and drowning in despair and disappointment. It can be speculated that he had high hopes for his own future once but something traumatic happened to him and it probably led to him thinking that there is no point in getting a job or graduating or have hope for the future. And he possibly torments the popular kids to show them that no matter how much potential they have or how likable they are, it will never matter in the real world and they shouldn't have a big head over themselves as their dreams can be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

Various rumors were spread about Fukase, such as he's repeated the same class a few times, that he is over thirty years old, and that he's been married two times and each marriage ended in divorce, but his true nature including his real age and past cannot be grasped. He was also rumored to have an IQ over 180 and have been treated as a prodigy in middle school but started failing when he entered high school, he skipped many classes but it is unknown why he was never expelled for missing school, failing his classes or for his actions against other students.

When he tells Sakamoto about how the students graduating would only be swimming in a dark ocean with no idea of their future, he replies to him that it's better to take the chance and swim in it and find a light house and create his own future. Fukase's reign of terror end when Sakamoto and Hayabusa have him graduate by force with the other delinquents taking him down the graduation hall.

He was never seen at the school again. At the end however, he has seem to taken Sakamoto's advice and started to make his own life and was seen at the beach with a surf board.