Sakamoto Special episode

Sakamoto- an astronaut

It is a special episode featuring Sakamoto and his classmates of 1-2 and a recap of the events with them.


Maeda Atsushi and his pals were watching Yoshinobu Kubota's story of a Sakamoto movie preview and wanted to be a part of the movie, Kubota asks them reviews about how the movie should be made, then Kuronuma Aina makes her appearance after overhearing their conversation, she further states that the movie wouldn't make sense without her, so she dreams about the movie to be a love story between her and Sakamoto, her friends mock her so she retaliated by telling the tales of Yagi and Sera Yūya, the latter makes his appearance.Fujita Megumi describes her movie to be a horror one. During class everyone started reminiscing the days they spent with Sakamoto, later Kana showed them Sakamoto's picture in a newspaper, this shocked everyone and they try to imagine what he is up to, ranging from student training to be an astronaut to being a student at a martian high school. Meanwhile on America, Sakamoto became a captain of the shuttle crew and was able to pilot a shuttle, after the launch a fuel leakaege in one of the tanks was detected the contol centre captain ordered him to abandon the shuttle but Sakamoto didn't follow instead he operated it manually and he maneuvered in such a way it ended up being his Secret technique: Cursive style! the rocket was on course thanks to him the shuttle reached outer space and the control centre cheers over success. A trailing smoke message of rocket read "I'm Sakamoto you know?".

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After a one-week delay due to coverage of the 2016 earthquake in Kumamoto, the thirteenth episode was not aired as part of the television broadcast. The episode was later streamed by Crunchyroll on September 27, 2016 and will be included with the series' fifth Blu-ray/DVD volume on October 26, 2016.[1]