Hayabusa Shou
Name Hayabusa Shou
Japanese 8823
Birthday Unknown
Age 16
Gender Male
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Blond
Class 2nd Year
Other Information
Manga Debut Chapter 5
Anime Debut Episode 3
Japanese voice Koji Yusa


Hayabusa's build is fairly tall and muscular. His blonde hair is tied in a low ponytail. There are three small braids tied on the left side of his head, with the rest of his bangs let down well down below his eyes. He has sharp facial features and piercing blue eyes. He wears a school gakuran, the only difference being that it's only up to the borderline of his waist instead of being long enough to cover his entire torso. Underneath his gakuran is a plain white undershirt that covers the rest of his waist. With this, he wears plain black slacks with matching black shoes. He is considered quite handsome amongst girls in the school.

After Fukase damages his noseline during the Cultural Festival, he has a visible scar across the bridge of his nose.


Hayabusa is the leader of the second-year delinquent group. He seems to be more level-headed than the majority of the other delinquents, though he can still be easily angered when provoked. Due to his typically cool demeanor, a handful of underclassmen look up to him.

Despite being a delinquent, he has a soft-spot for his younger siblings and his father. He took on the role as caregiver for his siblings when his mother passed away when his dad takes double shifts at work to support the family.

He's also shown concern for the students well-being when the known delinquent, Fukase, starts causing trouble for other students as he often plays mind games with them in order to destroy them, Hayabusa even went as far as to claim he'll fight Fukase to the death if he doesn't leave the school and continues to hurt others.

Hayabusa also has a love for sweet foods like cotton candy and is very talented at making them, as he did for the school's cultural festival.


  • 8823 is a Japanese number wordplay which means Hayabusa.
  • Hayabusa's given name is Shou, revealed in Chapter 20 (Episode 10).
  • Hayabusa lives with his father and three younger brothers, two being Ryuu and Sora.
  • In episode 10, it's shown that Hayabusa takes after his mother as they both have blonde hair, blue eyes and possibly the same height since his father is short from a picture they have of her. It is speculated she died before the series began.