Maeda Atsushi
Name Maeda Atsushi
Japanese 前田 あつし
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Hair Dark Brown
Class 1-2
Other Information
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Tomokazu Sugita


He has black eyes and pale skin. He wears a red beanie that cover his dark brown hair, he also wears a violet t-shirt underneath his uniform that is most of the time unbuttoned.


Kind of a  narcissist, gets jealous of people who he think is cooler or better than him, but changes his view on such people if they do something admirable that gains his respect. (*cough* Sakamoto *cough* *cough*)


A classmate in class 1-2, and one of the delinquent trio. His trademark is a red hat. Along with KENKEN and Mario, he targets Sakamoto for bullying, but gets rebutted each and every time. He has since become a friend of his after Sakamoto helped rescue him and his friends when they were trapped in a room and accidentally lit the room with cigarettes. It is shown in a later episode that he has since switched to blowing bubbles. It has been hinted that he is harbouring a crush on Sakamoto, often blushing in his presence, stating how cool Sakamoto is, and even ordering a "smile to-go".


Yeah, he's pretty much gay for Sakamoto.