Name Sakamoto
Japanese 坂本
Birthday October 18
Age 15
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 65 kg
Hair Black
Class 1-2
Other Information
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Hikaru Midorikawa
English voice Kyle Hebert

Appearance Edit

Sakamoto is a bespectacled young man with smooth black hair that is parted on the right and dark grey eyes. There is a beauty mark underneath his left eye. He has a tall, lean yet muscular physique. He is known to be the coolest and very handsome by most girls in his class who falls head over heels for him. He usually wears a black school uniform with a white undershirt.


He is cool, calm and collected at all times. He is usually kind, as he helped Yoshinobu Kubota when he was being bullied. He almost always seems to know what is going to happen and what to do often in cool and stylish ways. He is also very smart, and does excellent at school.


The protagonist of the series who is a model student for all in his school. He is the perfect man who can solve any problem with a kind yet unflappable persona. Because of this, many girls fall for him, and his male classmates resent him. Although he acts strangely sometimes (such as doing weird poses or acting sneakily), it only adds to his coolness. Sakamoto has a range of 'Secret Techniques' which allow him to do various things, such as catch bugs using merely a compass or blow bubbles that look like smoke.


He strives to comprehend human interaction and social structure as he partakes in somewhat childish activities with his classmates some of which look up to him yet feel they will never achieve his level of greatness

Trivia Edit

  • He seems to like animals, but birds seem to be his particular favorite. In episode 1, he saved a bird. In episode 2, he is shown going up to a birdhouse to feed food. In episode 4, he purposely got himself sent into the hall to feed a starving bird. In episode 6, he is shown reading a book about birds with the bird he saved from episode 1 perched on his shoulder. In episode 7, he is renting a video on birds. In episode 11, he was making a bird house.
  • His love of animals even extends to bugs, as shown in episode 4 when there was a slug in the lettuce he pretended to cover it in salt to kill it but diluted the salt with sugar and took care of the slug. In episode 1, he battled a deadly hornet but let it out the classroom rather than kill it. In episode 3, he quickly took notice of a dog claiming him to be a guest of the school.
  • Sakamoto is ambidextrous, as shown in episode 2 when Kuronuma Aina tried to sit next to him.
  • In episode 10 at the mixer, Sakamoto introduces himself as Slope Book, which is a literal translation of the words saka and moto.
  • We see the first sign of emotion from Sakamoto during the last few minutes of the final episode, as he looks back at his classmates we see him actually begin to tear up. He covers his upper face with pie so as to prevent anyone from noticing he was crying.