Sera Yuya
Name Sera Yuya
Japanese 瀬良 裕也
Class 1-2
Other Information
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese voice Showtaro Morikubo

Appearance Edit

Sera is blond and has purplish eyes. He is also usually seen wearing a red dress shirt under his uniform. In episode 1, he is seen to be very fashionable. He has a roundish body.

Personality Edit

When first introduced, he comes across as snobbish and condescending, constantly bragging about his fashion sense and career as a model. Sera longs for attention, and thus becomes jealous of Sakamoto for hogging the spotlight and attempts to sabotage him, failing miserably each time. He eventually comes to terms with the fact that he cannot beat Sakamoto, and decides that instead of fashion he can grab everyone's attention by being the class clown. Despite his flaws, Sera has a good heart and is willing to sacrifice anything (even his dignity) to help those he cares about.


A male student who is in the same class as Sakamoto. He dislikes Sakamoto for always stealing his attention. Sera was a teenage model until an incident involving Sakamoto and a wasp, and now is a class clown who makes bee jokes.